Custom animation and graphics


We love animation because it has no real-world limitations. Really, your ideas are the only limitation. It translates those ideas into the digital environment transcending a worded description and replacing it with a clear, visual explanation. We’ve been able to enhance many video with eye-grabbing graphics, fun animations, and cool effects that bump videos up to the next level.

There are so many ways to use animation in your video. Bring your logo to life by having it build for an opening, highlight the finely-crafted hardware your product is built with, nail a concept of how your people make your company what it is, or use smooth moves to create eye-catching visuals that stand out for a point-of-sale display. The uses are practically endless.

Finally, save your audience from Death by Powerpoint. Powerpoint is good, but there’s so much that it can’t do. You need to keep your audience’s attention and you’re likely going to need help if you’re just reciting what is on your slides. That’s were we come in.¬†Investing in bringing your powerpoint slides to life goes a long way. And I’m not talking about the canned transitions that come with Powerpoint. Bring attention to key information by highlighting and growing the text. Zoom in on key graphics and add animated arrows so your audience can follow along with your speech. Add video to a slide and have it zoom to full screen, then back into place when it’s done.

And don’t rule out being in your Powerpoint presentation. Being able to point to and really emphasize details while the slide is over your shoulder brings that level of engagement up even further. It can be done and done well.