Green Screen Studio

The great thing about our New Jersey based green screen studio, also known as a Chroma Key Studio, is that it offers a lot of flexibility with visuals and budget. The use of location imagery, graphics, products, or video are just a few examples of what can be placed behind your talent in our convenient northern New Jersey production facility.  Because of our close proximity to New York City producers can further reduce their production budget with included unlimited parking, low background noise, Green Room and  almost anything else you may need for your production is self contained in our production studio.

What kind of shoots can you use our Green Screen Studio for?

• Animation
• Logos
• Product demonstrations
• PowerPoint
• Text or titling
• Location imagery
• Graphics...

Both of our studios are usually ready to go for a talking head or full-body green screen shoot, but you can choose based on your production needs.

Studio A is our larger sound stage is drive-in capable and perfect for larger shoots, like with vehicles. It's also capable of utilizing Space lights.
Studio B is our smaller sound stage and is ideal for smaller shoots like talking heads or productions where limited motion or space is needed.

If you need the entire studio painted green, give us a call to discuss how we can get that ready for you.

We're close to Brooklyn, New York City, and Manhattan, which makes us a great choice. We are only about 25 minute from the George Washington Bridge. MediaMix is great for those who want a comfortable space, free parking, and easy access.

And for a history of Chroma Key, check out this article on Wikipedia.

Image depicting our Green Screen Studio

Cats who don't care about your toy on green

Children's video teaching English using our green screen studio

Children's video teaching English using our Green Screen Studio

Phil Simms demonstrating Aetrex foot scanning technology in our green screen studio

Phil Simms demonstrating Aetrex foot scanning technology in one of Media Mix's Green Screen Studios


Image depicting a Mercedes car in Green Screen Studio

Mercedes utilizing our Green screen studio for a vehicle accessories video.