Live Streaming Webcasts

Generally, there are two types of webcasts: Live and On-demand. MediaMix Studios is ready to stream live webcasts from either of our studios. As long as certain technical requirements can be met, we can even webcast from your location.

Live streaming involves cameras, microphones, or both capturing content as it happens. Our equipment encodes it in real-time into the correct format, and sends it to a CDN (Content Delivery Network). The CDN then distributes to your audience, accommodating a few or a few thousand viewers.

On-demand webcasting offers your audience the flexibility to watch or listen to your content when THEY want. This can be pre-recorded content from a previous live presentation or from a carefully shot and edited production. We are happy to host the files for you or help obtain a provider that meets your needs.

The third option is "both". Let us webcast your live presentation or meeting live to your audience. Upon completion, we can create a customized, on-demand presentation. It can include your Powerpoint slides, a transcript of the speakers, and navigation to find a particular part within the presentation.

Beyond the Basic Webcast

We can go beyond basic audio and video webcasting. Let us supercharge your presentation with a feature-rich interface including:

  • High-definition or standard-definition video or audio-only webcasts
  • Log-in and registration to identify your audience and capture contact information
  • Reminders for upcoming presentations to registered participants
  • Ask polling questions
  • Include surveys during the presentation to test your audience or get their opinions
  • Make Powerpoint, PDFs, or other files available for download
  • Participants can swap between your video and full-screen Powerpoint slides
  • Q&A section during the presentation for audience participation
  • Viewable transcription of the on-demand presentation
  • Runs on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Presentation search capability and links to specific video, audio, slide, and transcription referenced
  • Security measures to thwart those who are not authorized to participate in the webcast
  • Export and download the participant registration database
Two camera shoot for a live webcast at a hotel

Two camera shoot for a live webcast at a hotel

Photo of live webcast preparations from MediaMix Studio B.

Preparing for a live webcast from Studio B.

Webcast Pro is our incredibly powerful and complete webcast presentation software with registration, reminder, email, and viewing capabilities.