Multi-camera Production

Do you need multiple cameras or just one? Budget, script, scheduling, actors, editing, location, and skills all factor into the decision on how many cameras to use.

Each camera can be iso-recorded. That means each camera's video is recorded separately to internal media at the camera and on our TriCaster. This makes for more creative and precise editing later on. Additionally, teleprompters can be added to each camera or around the set to make it easier for talent to recite their lines.

Give us a call to discuss your project. We'll be able to discuss the pros and cons of either approach based on your needs and come up with a budget-conscious solution.

Photo of covering a medical conference using multiple cameras and iMag

Multicamera shoot and iMag for a medical conference

Photo of a physician Interview in her office in Manhattan.

Physician Interview in her office in Manhattan.

Single camera location shoot

Single camera location shoot

Two-camera shoot in a hotel in NYC.

Two-camera shoot in a hotel in Times Square.