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Post Production

Editing is often referred to as an invisible art because when it is well done the viewer is never aware of the editors' work. As a post studio, video editing and post production are an integral part of MediaMix Studios.

Video Editing

A good post studio should be comfortable as well as house quality gear. Our edit rooms are equipped with Mac Pro "cans" connected via Thunderbolt to an UltraStudio 4K and a 42-inch display. Edit 1 is set up for smaller edits, featuring hot-swappable hard drive caddies. Edit 2 is set up for longer-form and more media-heavy projects, outfitted with a Thunderbolt Drobo D5 for speed and redundancy. All finalized projects are archived onto two separate hard drives.  In what we refer to as The Alley, we have another three Mac Pro towers, set up for overflow animation and editing. All of these machines are constantly maintained by our full-time editor, a Mac user over 20 years.

Animation and Graphics

Part of post production includes animation, whether for an introduction, to highlight information in a PowerPoint presentation, or to detail information about a product.

Audio and Voice-over

Video is only half of the formula. Our audio control room set up for recording from many different sources.

  • In our iso/sound booth
  • In one of our studios
  • Over Skype
  • Over the phone


Delivery of your final project may need to be in one of many different formats or codecs. We can export your project to fit the specifications or requirements of just about any delivery service.

HD Editing


Animation and Effects

Animation and effects

Audo Control Room

Audio production

Encoding and Transcoding

Encoding and transcoding