Got lights?Rentals are available for studio use or on location. We rent out packages to suit your needs, or ask for a la carte.

Lighting and Grip – Click here for our lighting and grip list.

Cameras – Click here to learn more.

  • Sony F55 with 25mm, 50mm, and 85mm Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lenses and Odessey 7Q recording monitor
  • Panasonic HPX300 (3) (P2)
  • Panasonic HPX370 (1) (P2)
  • Canon 5D Mk II (Compact Flash)
  • Panasonic DVC-80P (2) (MiniDV)
  • Sony Sony Z1U (2) (HDV)
  • Sony D30 (3) (SD)
  • Panasonic AG DVC80 (2)

TriCaster Fly Pack – 860 Extreme or 455 Extreme – Click here to learn more.

The TriCaster capabilities include:

  • Multi-camera iso recording of up to eight cameras
  • Live web streaming
  • Pre-recorded video playback
  • Titles, graphics, animations, screen shots, lower thirds, and more.
  • Virtual sets
  • Green screen keying
  • Separate Program and aux output recording

Equipment – Jimmy Jib or teleprompter

Crew – Please contact us for availability.