When it comes to sets, the choice is yours: Use one of our rooms as a set, use our in-house News/Talk Show set, or have a set custom designed and built to your specifications, either physical or virtual. 

News/Talk Show Set

Our custom-designed table and panels offer a professional impact to bring any roundtable discussion or newscast to the next level. Modifications in panel position, monitor placement, and background color add to the flexibility. Click the image to see more.

Kitchen Set

Our beautiful kitchen was custom-built, not only to be functional for catering, but to be used as a set.  Whether you're shooting an infomercial, feature film, or commercial, our kitchen has a great, high-end look with neutral colors for easy propping. Click the image to see more.

Office Set

Our offices are used for day-to-day work and are perfect for just about any office scene: a credible doctor's office, exam room, executive's office, or small round-table discussion. This cost-effective solution is perfect for smaller budgets or a quick turn-around, rather than building a set from scratch. Click the image to see more.

Virtual Sets

Choose from dozens of customizable virtual sets. Zoom in with virtual camera moves and angles to make it incredibly realistic. We have standing or sitting sets and also have the ability to include graphics, Powerpoint, or videos playing in on-set monitors. Click the image to see more.

"TED Talks" Set

Our live presentation set will help give the illusion that you're delivering your message in front of a large, live audience, but without the large, expensive venue, uncomfortable seating, and long ticket lines. Click the image to see more.

Conference Room Set

Our modern conference room contants neutral color and decor for easy propping. It can be used for client meetings or as a set. Amenities include an LCD TV, Windows PC with Skype, and video monitoring from the control room. It's also DVD, Blu-ray, and laptop ready,

Custom Sets

A custom set can be designed and built with your ideas for color, size, lighting, and accessories to suit your brand and image. Click the image to see more.