• Our News/Talk Show set in Studio B.
  • Green screen shoot in Studio B.
  • Photo of a round table discussion In Studio B for an on-demand presentation.
  • Teaser video shoot for new product and packaging.
  • Talking head green screen shoot for pharmaceutical video.

Studio B - Our Smaller Television Studio and Photography Studio

Studio B is our smaller television studio and photography studio. Having similar technical capabilities as Studio A, it packs a lot of value into a smaller space. Perfect for photo shoots, roundtable discussions, and green screen, the seamless walls of our 33 x 34-foot room give you a lot of bang for the buck. This room is ready with our news/talk show set, but can be cleared to a bare stage. Click here for our lighting and grip list.

MediaMix Studio B layout

MediaMix Studio B layout

Specs: (Click here for a PDF of the Studio B layout)

Please note that both studios come “as is” with lighting and paint as left by the previous production. Retouching or full painting services are available.

If you need more room, take a look at our larger Studio A.

Phil Simms in Studio B doing it on the green

A simple green screen shoot in Studio B.

Teaser video shoot for new product and packaging.

Packaging shoot for new product teaser video.